Sunday, 9 February 2014

Monitor your Dog with the New Samsung SmartCam

It has finally arrived. With the Samsung Smartcam you can now watch your dog while you are out. If you spot them doing something they should not be doing, you can simply speak to them, Yes it has a speaker and mic so you can listen to them and speak to them to give commands. We as dog owners never know what our dogs get up to when we are out, but now you can. You can watch them on your mobile device. At a meeting and worried about your dog, just view them on your smartphone. The Samsung Smartcam will monitor your dog throughout the day. You can buy online via amazon

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pet Friendly Caravans in Skegness

We have recently been asked if we know of any pet and dog friendly caravans in Skegness.
So we set to work to have a look at some private caravans and caravans on holiday parks.

About Skegness

This town is located in the county of Lincolnshire. Skegness is a popular seaside destination for families with or without a pet, a bustling town that plays host to numerous attractions. Its famous award-winning sandy beach, a seal sanctuary and animal centre will appeal to kids of all ages, while adults enjoy a variety of bars, restaurants and shops. The beach is a winner for people with dogs.
Below you will find a list of caravan holidays that allow dogs.
dog friendly beach Lincolnshire
Dogs having fun on beach

Southview Caravan Park nestles in acres of beautiful parkland boasting lakes, greenery and wildlife on the edge of vibrant Skegness and is just a short drive to sandy beaches. Caravans available sleep from 6 to 8. some of the caravans are dog friendly, normally allowing a max of 2 dogs. View more info Here

Ebay is always a good source of caravans, most of these are privately owned and offer good value for money. Quite a few are happy to take pets. Always check their feedback before agreeing on a holiday. View caravans on Ebay

Butlins in Skegness has a range of caravans available, but they have a strict pet policy - Taken from their website -  Dogs and cats are restricted to the Caravan Village section and are not allowed in the main Butlins resort. We guess that means you must leave your dog in a car if you wish to go into the resort. (not a good idea) Ask the Caravan Village Reception team (Tel: 01754 614444)

Another website we are aware of is UK caravans 4 hire, They have a selection of caravans direct from the caravan owner. You will need to view the adverts in more detail to see if dogs are allowed Visit website Here

We hope you have found this information useful, we value your feedback. If you own a dog friendly caravan in Skegness, please get in contact with us if you wish to advertise it on our websites

Monday, 3 June 2013

Moving to the UK with pets

Moving to the UK with your Dog from a listed non EU country

This is a question we get asked quite often. To make things easier for you and us, decided it was best to a quick answer on our blog

Question: I would like to move to the UK with my dog, does my dog need to go into quarantine

Travelling with your pet is a lot more relaxed these days so long as you follow the simple guide. Quarantine is very rarely used.

Answer: If you have not already done so, you must get your dog Microchiped.

A Rabies Vaccination must be given after the microchip has been done.

A blood test then needs to be taken at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination and you will need a copy of the blood test results from your vets to show that the vaccination was successful.  You must then wait at least 3 months before travelling with your dog to the UK.

Within 10 days of travelling to the UK you will need to get an official third country veterinary certificate.

1 to 5 days before travel, your dog must be given a tapeworm tablet by a vet with a detailed record kept of  the medication given, time, date & Vets stamp & signature.

Finally your dog must travel using an approved pet carrier service.

For more information please click here

Once you have been in the UK for a while you can visit many of the UK attractions with your dog, for dog friendly holidays why not take a look at Pet Holiday Finder

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Review Thirsty Milo Portable Dog Travel Bowl

Pet Friendly Rentals Review of 'Thirsty Milo Portable Dog Water Bowl' - Ideal travel water bottle for dogs
Do you love taking your dogs on travel trips or Pet Friendly Holidays, are you always wondering the best way to give your dog water when out and about?
The Thirsty Milo dog portable bowl is ideal for anyone with a pet, especially those of us with eye for style and who like to share their lives and their days out and about with the four legged members of the family.

This portable water bowl allows you to give water to your pet on: Doggy days out - Road trips - Train Journeys - Bus/Coach Journeys -Caravan or Camping holidays - Lazy days at the beach.

Benefits of the Thirsty Mil
  • The portable dog bowl offers fresh, clean water on tap anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to carry water bottles and a separate bowl. Ideal if you go jogging or walking with you dog, attend agility shows or dog shows.
  • It is comfortable to carry and easy to clean (dishwasher safe too!).
  • If you and your dog love boating or playing in the water then this portable travel bowl is just perfect. The bowl will float should you accidentally drop it overboard, It will even float when full of water with the lid on.
  • When at home or on holiday it can be placed on the floor and used as a general dog water bowl.
  • Easy to fill via the large 12 cm top opening.
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defect

1st Impression - Although pink is not my favourite colour, Sarah and our three female dogs were very impressed. If pink is not your colour then you can choose Orange. The portable bowl looked easy to use & carry and most certainly looked stylish modern & funky. The drink hole was large enough that most sizes of dogs would be able to drink out of this bowl.

Ease of Use  - What can we say - it's a portable dog bowl, remove the screw top lid, fill with water, replace the lid, grab the carry handle and off you go. It's comfortable to carry, holds 1.5 litres of water & will not leak due to the seal on the screw top lid. When your dog needs a drink just unscrew the lid, place on the floor and let them drink. 120mm drinking aperture made water access no problem for all three of our dogs. The shape of the bowl meant that there was very little spillage if the bowl got kicked or knocked so it also works well as a non spill water bowl. When the dogs have had there fill, the lid can just be screwed back on and is ready to offer to your dogs again later on the walk if needed.

Cleaning  - We found the product relatively easy to clean. If you have a dishwasher it is even easier. The only downside we found with this product was how do you get all of the old water out? Because of the design we found tipping all the water out almost impossible and we had to shake it about upside down. (adding a small drain plug of some sort might help with this)

Value for money - We think this bowl is great value for money when compared with other travel water bowls on the market. In the past we have either used good water bowls but had to carry a seperate water bottle or we have had other bottle/bowl combinations that either leak or are not practical for dogs to drink from. We found this bowl ideal as a travel bowl with the added bonus of a carry handle, making it easy to move from one place to another.

Our Dog Rating - Once they realised it was a water bowl, all 3 dogs were happy to drink out of it. One of our dogs even seemed to prefer it to her normal water bowl. When we go to dog shows in the summer, one of our dogs refuses to drink out of communal dog bowls provided by traders so this will make carrying water for our fussy drinker a lot easier.

Recommended - We would highly recommend this product and I'm sure our bowl will get plenty of use especially during the summer months.
Overall Product Review - We give this product 5paws;  Such a simple design, but it works! We feel this will be the next big seller in the pet market.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Excuses of owners getting rid of their dogs

It's amazing what some pet owners will give as an excuse when giving up or abandoning a dog. The popular Dogs Trust saying "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" although a great slogan is now just ignored, even at Christmas time. Maybe a more app slogan is 'A dog is for life, not just a passing trend'. The very worst excuses used by pet owners getting rid of their dogs have been disclosed by the animal welfare charity.
You will not believe the excuses people come up with.

A sample of excuses given to the Dogs Trust: 

It's not as cute as it used to be
It's too big for the house
The dog doesn't match the sofa
It snores too loudly
My landlord does not allow pets (I never asked them and took a chance)
It can't do tricks It smells of 'dog'
The dog was too old and no longer brought me any joy
It hurts my back to pick up my dog’s poop
I need a smaller dog
He wouldn’t fit in my handbag or wear the outfit I bought him
It can’t walk on the lino in my house
The dog gets too much attention
The dog doesn’t like me (after just 24 hours)

 Just Unbelievable, makes me sad just reading them. Some owners do have good reasons for giving up a dog though, like: Lost my home and having to go into rented accommodation, cannot find a Pet Friendly Rental in my area. All the rental properties I have found say NO DOGS. This is a very common problem, one that we are still trying to tackle.
 When times are hard and families have to make cut backs, quite often the dog goes first. I personally and I know many others would never give up on a dog and would sacrifice other things rather than their pet.
A total of 16,000 dogs have been cared for by the Trust over the past year but the charity is once again bracing itself for a Christmas influx of unwanted dogs.
 Too many owners do not realise that owning a pet is a long term commitment and yes you have to spend money on them, feeding and caring for their well-being.

According to Clarissa Baldwin, the CEO of Dogs Trust. She said: "We see a number of dogs handed into our rehoming centres in the days and weeks following Christmas when the appeal of a cute puppy has worn off.
It appears so many people still need to be educated.
A BIG thank you to all those that have re-homed a dog over the last year.

Monday, 26 November 2012

What is Pet Friendly Rentals?

We are often asked what is Pet Friendly Rentals?

Pet Friendly Rentals is the 1st directory of its kind that allows pet owners to search for Pet Friendly Holiday UK & Homes to rent in the UK. Many think we are a letting agent but sadly this is not true..

About Us
The website was created in September of 2007 by myself Darren and my partner Sarah and our three dogs. We ourselves found it very difficult to find a home to rent (and we only had a medium size dog at the time), we soon realised that there was no site in existence that allowed pet owners to search for a suitable property.

Pet Friendly Rentals allows private landlords and letting agents the opportunity to add their properties to our directory, so that pet owners can easily locate them. This is a FREE service, all we ask in return is that the properties added must consider a pet.

We run this website mainly in our own time and using our own resources and money we receive from paid advertiser and sponsors

How you can help

By placing a link on a website you may have to our website and helping us spread the word would really be such a big help to those pet owners looking for a home to rent.

we are always looking for ways to improve so please send us any feedback.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Pet Friendly Holidays UK Low cost holidays

Looking for Holiday rentals pets welcome There are some great Holiday Lets in Hampshire that allow dogs.. you should check them out. We sniff them out so you do not have too! Pet Friendly Rentals offers one of the largest selection of Holidays in the UK. Now is the best time to book as prices tend to be lower, you can even get a discount on some properties if there are just 2 of you (2 person discount)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Dogs Trust opens new centre in Wymeswold

The Dogs Trust new centre in Wymeswold will help unwanted dogs find loving homes they deserve. Environment minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach declared the £7 million environmental centre open on Friday 30th June 2012. Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust, said: "We're delighted to have finally opened the doors to our 18th rehoming centre. "We are so pleased to be in a position to help thousands of stray and abandoned dogs over the coming years. "We'd like to thank everyone who has kindly donated items and funds for the centre – it is because of this support that we have already found homes for some of the dogs here and look forward to helping many more." The centre is the first run by Dogs Trust to have a hydrotherapy room to treat overweight dogs and animals with weak muscles. The centre will be able to house more than 100 dogs at a time and is designed to be quiet and stress-free. It has a boiler which burns organic waste – meaning no extra carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere – solar panels and a rainwater collection system. For more information you can visit

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lets With Pets & Pet Friendly Rentals

Pet Friendly Rentals is pleased to have teamed up with the 'Dogs Trust' and their 'Lets With Pets' campaign.

The Dogs Trust ‘Lets with pets’ campaign is well under way. Lets with pets is a resource website that supplies landlords, letting agents, and pet owners valuable information regarding letting with pets. They hope that more landlords will realise the rewards of allowing people with pets.
We are hoping that between us, we can help reduce the amount of pets given up each year because pet owners are unable to find a home to rent.

Pet Friendly Rentals will donate 40% to the Dogs Trust when a landlord or letting agent purchases a ‘homes to rent’ listing.

To get listed please register here>>>

Pet lets & Lanes Rentals

Mr T Mills never ceases to amaze us.
In 2007 they blatantly copied some of our website, Images and text, when we asked them to change it, well no comment was their anwser. They really call themselves pet friendly we don't think so, just in it for the money.
what are you thoughts
Here is our about us page
and check out the image here

Now look at their site
and the image here

Is this what you call copy cat... fancy conducting business like this.

Some may say, well how do we know you did not copy the details from them.
1st look at when the domains were purchased
2nd we have the original drawing and document that created the image
3rd 'The text' what can we say, we know full well where that came from.

now pet lets are in another magazine talking about their great pet friendly site with only 2 propeties on.